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Vitalii, we looked at our wedding photos, and we’d like to thank you a lot. We’re so happy to get such a gift from you. We’ll keep them for the rest of our lives. Thanks for the memory of our wedding! My husband and I really like everything. We adore you!❤ A big hi from Saint Petersburg. We’re waiting for you to visit us one day.😊
We’d like to thank you for what you’ve done. We got the photos, and we’re still enjoying them. They are alive, thanks for showing every emotion we had that day. There aren’t so many qualified photographers in the Kyrgyz Republic who provide so high-quality service for such a sum of money as Vitalii. He’s polite, and sympathetic. It’s pleasure to work with him. He acts responsibly. He’s the first photographer who gave us a contract, where we found everything. If you want everything to be simple, easy, and qualitative, I think you should choose Vitalii. Actually there were some other photographers, but we chose him that moment when he answered our phone call. Since that moment he focused on the work completely. Now we have such a good friend, and I wish you the same person. Thank you a lot! Wish you every success!
There’re many photographers nowadays. But there’s a small number of professionals. You’re a professional. It was easy and comfortable for us to work with you. As a result, we have great photos. We looked through them all the time. Plus, your wife is an awesome makeup artist.
I want to thank you for such beautiful pictures. They really show all of our emotions, love, we felt that moment, and of course the beauty of our wedding day. No one ever regretted looking through photos about the choice we did, not once.
A photo session was so fun. We didn’t feel either discomfort, or tension. Keep in mind that we aren’t models. And we got autumn photos for such a short time. Thank you Vitalii a lot for positive emotions, great memories we got in the form of pictures. Many thanks!
A love story, a wedding day, a family photo session – we choose Vitalii every time! I adore his photos. I really enjoy how we look in the pictures he takes. I love the moments of happiness. Everything is so real. You plan to have one thing, then you get another result which is much better. That’s why we always choose him!
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