Hey! My name’s Vitalii Kuleshov, and I’m a wedding and family photographer.

My work is to see, catch, and keep the best moments of your lives. Besides, I can help you feel free and confident during a photo session.

Pretty often when I meet people, they say that they aren’t used to being in the photo, that they don’t look well in them.

Do you know what?

It doesn’t matter at all!

The most important thing which makes photos valuable aren’t the look, the image, or the position. It’s all the emotions you have, and show. A photographer can’t add some sparkle in your eyes, or a gentle hug. A photographer can make you skin look better, but can’t add facial lines when you’re heartily smiling.

You don’t have to be able to pose. No need to seem better than you’re. You should be yourself, relax, and enjoy. And I’ll do the rest. A photography is the time machine people are talking about. It’s easy to take a picture of someone’s moment in life. It’s much more difficult to catch people’s moods that moment. I really want your photos to keep the story of your lives. While you’re looking through a photo album, I want you to hear the music, your friends’ laugh, or mother’s trembling voice, when she was congratulating you.

If you want the same things, I’d be happy to be your photographer.



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