Mar 26

Favorite questions

I decided to answer the most asked questions. If you want to work with me, I strongly recommend you to read the information below. Or if you don’t, just read anyway, even for pleasure.

How much?

Because of many reasons I don’t usually start introducing myself by numbers. The main cause – my aim is a creative result which you can’t see everywhere (usually, of course, the last is usual and cheap).

Everything depends on an individuality and ideas. Even if you think that the idea is simple, and usual, you’re likely to be wrong. There’re so few couples who want to have the same photo session as others have already had (although I’ve experienced it).

If you decide to come, we’ll discuss not only the price, but also everything you’re worried about. To think about time management of the wedding is as important as choosing the right spouse. Otherwise, from the very first day everything would be in a mess.

So, by the end of our meeting you’ll definitely know what image you want, what you should pay attention to, where to have a photo session, how to prepare for it, and how to look real in the picture. And the main thing – whether I’m that man you can trust your memorable day.

Do you make videos?

No, only photos. But I can advise some of those who’re the best. You know, there aren’t so many of them in Bishkek when we talk about professionals.

When to book?

As soon as you know the wedding date, you can book a photo session. Everything is very easy, if you come earlier and pay some money – you have the date. It’s March now, and some people come to pay for a wedding they have in September.

Usually a love story is held during a week. So it’s easier. Several weeks would be enough.

For a family photo session 2 weeks are also fine.

Where is our photo session held?

It’s up to your idea. You can choose several places, e.g. a decorated studio, and some scenic areas not so far from Bishkek. Of course, the most magnificent views are pretty far from the city. If you want to have a photo shoot in such a place, where no one has been, let’s do it!

How many photos do I get?

It depends on the duration of a photo session. At the wedding there’re 800-1200, at the party fewer, 350-450, a love story with 3 different images/looks  100-200.
Every photo is photophopped/corrected. I decide which ones should be improved by professional photo correction, or retouching.

Do you teach?

Not now.

I hope this check list can help you. If you have any other questions, you can connect with me here on the website, or via my mobile number +996700 950 750

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