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A Check List for a Photo Session

How to prepare for a photo session and get awesome pics

Half of the success is because of a photographer. Another part depends on a model.
I want you to check out this short video about the preparation for a photo session. That’s exactly what should be done for an excellent result.

A careful preparation and work of many people can bear fruit – you will get perfect photos. If you want to have some supercool pictures, you should:

1. Think of an image carefully

A makeup artist, a hairstylist, an image-maker, a photographer, an assistant, an editor are those people who create a perfect look for a model. But sometimes people can’t find all of the professionals.

A hairstyle, a makeup, a look, and a place are the main.

Jewelries, shoes, accessories, tiny details are also important. I mean nail polish, which color should be close to clothes. Underwear should be invisible and the right size. Pay attention to any things which give you prints on the skin: the elastic from socks, or woolly hat, a print from a bracelet, or a belt.

You must have thought that it can be corrected by retouching, but no. I can correct it, of course. But a lot of retouching doesn’t look realistic, and it would stand out.

2. Learn how to pose at home

Alia says: “In order to pose well you don’t need to pose”.

If you aren’t a professional model, who has plenty of experience and practice, then learn.

You don’t have to take classes for this. Just find several videos on YouTube “How to pose” and copy models in front of the mirror. More you try and see your reflection – it’s easier during a photo session to pose beautifully.

For the most persistent – after practicing you can ask your friend to take some of your pictures by the phone. So you can look at yourself from the outside.

There is no such a model who was born with this skill. It’s a skill which should be trained. Start to learn a little bit earlier and your pictures will be better. And in the future there will be more of good ones than usually.

3. Check everything beforehand

It’s so silly to leave something at home when you’re 400 km away, isn’t it? When you have an important, or a huge photo session, make sure that there is no problem with the look, or the location. Put on a dress one more time and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like it? Are you comfortable and beautiful? Put on makeup, and get your hair done to look at yourself before a photo shoot. Of course, it’s some extra money to spend, but it’s worth it. Now you would be sure about your look and image. In advance, call a studio and check what dates and locations are free. If you have a photo session outside, double – check the weather forecast.

4. Prepare mentally

A photo session is a good, and fruitful way of spending your time. Get some sleep, and cheer yourself up before it. The first one is the most important.

By the way, take some favorite music with you. You can make a list of the best one on the phone. I’ve noticed that music really helps to relax, and gives you more pleasure during a photo shoot.

Try to spend a little bit more time on a photo session in order not to worry about the traffic, or being late.

5. Things to take

There are no tiny things

  • Everything for makeup, and a hairstyle
  • Take clothes and shoes (an extra low heel pair of shoes can save your life)
  • Accessories
  • Underwear and tights
  • A silk scarf
  • An antistatic spray
  • Hand cream

Don’t put on clothes, shoes, and accessories immediately. They can get wrinkled, dirty, or lost. It’s better to change when you arrive at place where you have a photo session. Keep in mind that you should wear a shirt with buttons. Because you don’t want to destroy your hairstyle, do you? But if you have no choice to take off such a dress over your head, use a silk scarf. Put it around your head, and clothes will be taken off easily.

You need an antistatic spray for clothes that can stick to your legs. Some hand cream for your hands, and elbows. So they would look better in the photo.

And last but not least, don’t be afraid of asking advice. Everyone doesn’t look in the photo as in real life. If you’re worried that you wouldn’t look well in the photo, talk to professionals. To me, cause I’m a photographer, to other models, or makeup artists. We don’t bite. We can tell you how to relax, what to take, and what to wear.

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